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"There."Cleo laughed and started the car. "Ok I'm taking the long way home so we can enjoy."I glanced at Eddie. He smiled at me, glanced down at my wh...te bra which seemed to be gleaming in the twilight, then went back to the profile Cleo offered."In for a Penny..." I unstrapped my bra from the back and tucked that under my leg too. Letting my own breasts do what they will.My breasts, being larger than Cleo's tended to do just that. Whatever, whenever they wanted. As we pulled out of the parking. By now, by guy was ready to give me his load. He shoved his cock in my mouth and made me chock on it. It was so big that wasn't too hard though. It didn't take but a couple of pumps before he blew a massive load down my throat. It was so hot. I swallowed it all. We headed out of the room and I went back to cruising like a good cum whore. I soon saw the black guy again and he motioned me back in the room. This time he was hard, but still kinda small. I wanted his cum. He started sucking me while. I called up 1 of ma close friend and ask for a favor that if n e 1 ask about me, then tell him that m coming tonight at her place for night stay cuz of some project work, ma friend asked me where m going what ma plan is, cuz he already had some hint that i m going to have some fun to night, he insist me to tell me but i said later and just do me the favor, he said ok.Now i went to shikhas place it was a small 2bhk flat but nicely decorated, it was a top flore shikha opened the door and welcomed. Anyway I had a couple of shots, which mean I was a little tipsy and I was able to walk home. My name is Christy Jones, 19 years old, female, 155lbs, and 5 6 tall. I was visiting my parent while my school was out for summer break. Anyway I was walking home when I heard loud heavy footsteps and the noises was coming from behind me. The footsteps got louder and closer. I had the pit in my stomach that something wasnt right so I kept walking faster. Than all of suddenly the footsteps got faster…...

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