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It fell away, exposing her pertbreasts. She glanced about nervously, and proceeded to startunbuttoning the rest of the dress. She heard the elevator ""and heard voices!! Two men came around the corner about 50 yardsdown the hallway. She was in full view! There was no way theycould miss the show now! She halted, then continued hastily. Sheremembered the instructions about self-assuredness, and slowed herfingers, her embarrassment heightening. With the men about 30 yards away, the dress fell. "Then I paused for a huge moment and realized I was getting so gutsy now I was afraid I might lose him as a friend if I told him what was rolling in my head.Who gave a shit? A risk is a risk. I blurted it out:"You know, I really care about you buddy more than you'll know and ... I could even help you out with this if you want." What?!" You love porn right?" Well--- yeah?" Ever wanted to feel really good?" What do you mean? Like get high?" No. I noticed you weren't whacking the weasel."Tim gave. I onthe other hand was so elated that I was screaming. I think my reactionreally scared him."OH LOVER! IS THAT IT? YOU HONESTLY BELIVE THAT I WOULD LOVE YOU LESSBECAUSE OF THE CLOTHES YOU WEAR?"He just nodded.This time I did grab and hold him for some time. "Oh, Sweetheart, I wasso afraid that you were going to tell me that you had some sort of weirddisease or something and that I was going to lose you." You, you, mean you're not upset with me?" Are you gay? Are you going to want a sex change. I don't know why but that turns me on big time. I had to find out if he was sticking with tradition and going commando under his tartan. After a couple of drinks I plucked up the courage to go over and ask him. 'Why don't you find out for yourself?' he asked in his gentle brogue. His accent got me horny and that was all the invitation I needed. I reached down and let my hand snake up his thigh until I found his manhood. Yes! Definitely a true Scot. He gave me a dirty wink and I took the hint. I.

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