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I was back! But where had I been? A breeze blew up behind meand...there he was."Hello, Dario," I said in my sexiest voice."Hello, Gisele," he respon...ed, eyeing me hungrily. "Let's go outside, shallwe?"The sun was blinding as we walked around the pool to a pair of lounges atthe far end. I couldn't hold it in any longer. "Dario, I need to feelyour cock in me. It's been too long." I can fix that," he said as he undid his belt and let his slacks fall tothe ground. I reached inside his briefs. At this time she was living with her mum, who was a single parent, and her mum saw that her girl never had any underwear to get washed and that she had also noticed that she never shaved her body hair and she asked her about that and she told her mum that she just didn't want to wear undies or shave any more and her mum said 'Well I already do not wear undies or shave either so that is ok', and of course by banning my g/f from EVER wearing undies I could have much easier access to her gorgeous. When she told me that she had made all the arrangements with Roger, one of our closest friends and a fellow swinger, I was beside myself with excitement. When Belinda walked downstairs after two hours of pre- paration in the bathroom, she was striking. She had on sexy makeup and was wearing a short maid’s dress that buttoned up the front. I asked her if the outfit was Roger’s idea, and she replied that she had planned the whole thing herself. I threw her coat over her shoulders and. He pulled her roughly towards him while fucking her vigorously.“Ahh, Ankit. Fuck me. Do it now. Do it till I split in two. Yes yes…Right there. Yesss keep doing it.Ohhhh Ummphhh.” The room was filled only with her moans.Rubina was breathing so fast that he thought she would hyperventilate. He slowed down but she shouted, “Do not slow down you little fucker. Make me cum again and again. Please fuck me as hard as you can.”Ankit resumed his assault on her pussy and her walls clung tightly to his.

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