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Never in my life had I felt such large hands on my ass. Before I could take another breath the hands continued down my body. When they slipped past th... material of my short skirt, I felt what I hadn't expected, that the giant hands were actually soft and very hot, and their heat was warming my shivering, frightened body. I was still confused and nervous, and in the darkness I started to panic. I began to wonder if maybe I should make a run for it, but before I'd even finished the thought I felt. "Tracy, if you don't stop teasing me, we are not going to make it to the dance."She gave me an innocent smile."I just wanted to see if you were still interested." I would have to be dead to not be interested in you. Now, let's go have some fun."We caused a little bit of a stir when we walked into the gym. It turned out that all the JV cheerleaders dressed as Catwoman. None of them were as hot as Tracy. She went off with them to harass the boys. I went to find my friends. As usual, Alan and Jeff. While in the cage I'm to be as quiet as possible, have a ball gag in my mouth, tied down to the floor and get fucked by the fucking machine for as long as they feel necessary. As per usual i am to still walk around the apartment naked or clothed in what they feel like with a butt plug in my ass, and each hour of having it in my ass they switch them out with bigger ones. I am to keep my medium to long hair, so my mistresses have leverage while fucking me to drill their magnificent cocks deep in. I was feeling the same.I spread her ass cheek wide and lifted her up. I started stroking my dick in her cunt now. Her riding was making me cum soon. So I started stroking her wet cunt from down with my dick. “Ahh”, my dick was hitting her pussy deep. She went on her knees to support me. I was fucking her a little faster. Her cunt was gripping my dick very tightly. That was making me go more hard on her. I was stroking faster now.The mixed sound of my strokes and her moans were arousing us both..

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