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That contorted expression on her face and the sharp intake of breath had been unmistakable. In rhythm with the music and without missing a single beat...right there in the middle of the dance floor in spite of all the men and women dancing around Rocco entered her. As the music played his pelvis began to grind and bump hard against Sarah’s bottom. Rocco supported her limp body in his powerful hands as if it were a rag doll. His hips rhythmically pounded her from behind as a stream of her juices. He leans down and kisses my neck, leaving little love marks before kissing down my chest to my corset. Once again he smiles down at me and gets down between my legs, kissing my pussy through my panties. I moan in anticipation as he starts to remove my panties with his teeth. He teasingly runs his tongue along the length of my lips and kisses the top of it. Suddenly he begins to lick my clit and I moan loudly as I feel the cool metal of his tongue ring. I start to feel the pressure of an orgasm. There was a road visible from the top of the hill I was occupying. Yes, I know that was not a good place to be if I was expecting to be found by hostile Indians, but I had to be up where I could see the land if I was going to find out about it before it turned into a big surprise.On that road was a dust cloud indicating something was traveling fast. Behind that first cloud was a second one, so I assumed that it was one group being chased by another. In this era, such a thing did not denote good. His balls looked heavy, yet were tightly pulled up against his body and he was deliciously completely shaved. His cock was twitching and bobbing in the air under my hungry gaze. He chuckled, causing his cock to shake even more."You like?"I ignored his comment and crawled to the edge of the bed on my belly."Come here."He seemed too eager and took one step too many, causing his cock to bang into my nose, leaving an invisible smear of moisture there."Ouch!" Sorry..."I roughly grabbed onto his cock.

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