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" That would be fantastic, its here in the living room. Let me get youthat drink." So Robert, are you married?" No" Do you have a girlfriend?" Not at ...he moment, no" Boyfriend?" Hell No, why did you ask that?" Well to be honest Susan thinks you might be gay." My sister thinks everyone is gay." Ok, I was just curious why such a good looking guy from the big city isstill single. I didn't mean to be so nosy." Uh-huh."So can you get that thing working?" Not a problem, you just needed a different. .. like to fuck..."The two men had stripped and still Doris hadn't realised they were there. One of them lay down on the bed, naked, his cock jutting upwards stiff and hard as a ramrod. His friend sat close by on the bed, slowly wanking an equally hard cock. They both knew the scene that June had planned for Doris, both knew they were going to fuck this sexy little oriental girl.June pulled Doris to her feet and turned her to face the men on the bed. Even in her bemused state, Doris suddenly. . Playin' a joke on me, are ya?" No Brad... So what do you want? Name your poison, gentlemen." Beer," Brad simply said."I'll take a... brandy. On the rocks." Eww... mister sophisticated," Brad teased."What are you gonna have, Tim?" Joey asked, ignoring Brad."I wasn't actually going to have anything," I admitted, passing them their drinks."Come on, man? What's the point if we don't all three have one." Yeah... You chicken?" Joey teased."BrrraK!" Brad croaked before coughing."You guys can get. Eventually there was total silence followed by the shower running. I relaxed and reminisced the erotic scene that had just taken place. I was drawn out of my trance when I heard footsteps. I then felt one, two hands on my shoulders. I sighed and then felt a very gentle kiss on my cheek and then the hands trailed off of me.I then heard my wife bid a good night, the front door opened and then closed.My wife then joined me and removed my wrist restraints and rubbed my wrist. She then removed my.

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