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Too tired to say anything, I just turned up my music and pulled my headphones on tighter. I thought I'd just fall asleep, but hearing the bed creaking...over my music curiosity got the better of me. I rolled over and started watch. Heather had pulled off her clothes and was undoing Mark's pants. She yanked them down, and pushed him back onto her bed. She climbed on top of him and straddling him, lowered herself onto his very hard thick cock. She started to ride him up and down, while rolling her. K: (Laughed) why you are so beautiful then? I cannot able to control myself on that day. You might have left the place immediately before I do anything.Sailaja: You naughty did you allow me to leave? You cuddled me like a python and you ………..K: (catched her words in the middle) and what I have done? Say it. (Laughed) In fact, I was so gentle on you, otherwise I would have shown my real love to you (laughed). (with convincing tone)I am mad for you dear, my darling Sailu, are’nt you happy for. In such emotional mood, all the friends starts claiming their love for AMI by quoting various incidents involving them and AMI. Every time one friend claims his love for AMI, the other counter his claim by telling his incident involving him with AMI. This entire process, though emotional, creates humor. Now a ward about AMI. AMI is the girl all the three friends have liking for. She got married to wealthy industrialist two three years back. Now all of sudden, the inspector says her father was. Mulaiyai sappivitu iruvarum 69 nilaiyil poolai oombi pundaiyai naka aarambithaargal. Anni kuthiyai annan nandraaga naakal naki oru viralai kuthiyil vitu aatikonde nakinaar.Anni moodu thangamal munarikonde sunniyai oomba aarambithaal, paarkave sema moodaga irunthathu. Pinbu anniyai paduka vaithu aval kuthi meethu paduthu pundaiyil sunniyai iraki ooka aarambithaar. Anni annan soothil kai vaithu pidithu aval kuthiyil azhuthinaal, iruvarum nandraaga oothargal.Anni ookum pozhuthu vazhakam pola.

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