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Raul returned the passport to Brandon, then waited for the last one to be offered."And for Brandon Wayne Winters, Captain and co-owner of the Gon Waki...2," he acceded to the waiting official."Co-owner?" Raul questioned as he leafed through the pages. "Should I ask, Senor, who the other owners might be?" My sister, Tracy, is the other owner." Ah, I see. And there are how many other owners, besides yourselves?" None. Her name shows here on the registry document," and Brandon pointed that fact out. I'll meet him at a hotel when I'm in his town and have the room all set up. A spa like relaxing atmosphere I think with terry robes, candles, sparkling wine and chocolate covered strawberries. Massage oils and special lube on the night stand. First I'll undress him and wrap him in a soft robe then have him lounge on the stack of pillows I've made for him on the bed. Now to get him relaxed. I'll pour him a glass of wine and feed him a strawberry or two. I love watching his lips open to accept. She looked gorgeous she was wearing a thin shirt that came down just low enough to where I could see just a little of her panties they were pink lace… She climbed into bed laying facing me I stared into her beautiful brown eyes and the only words that could come out of my mouth were “I love you” she replied “I love you too cus” but she could she I’m meant in a different way but she didn’t say anything about it… She just looked at me smiled and turned away. ” Cuddle with me” she said. hesitantly. I’ll do anything. I don’t want to be alone. I don’t want another man. I don’t want to date. I read a story about the old days. If you killed someone in battle, you got what was theirs. Their women, their children, their money, everything. It became yours.”“Whoa Up, Nelly! Are you offering yourself up to me in position of servitude? Giving yourself to me? Seriously?”“To both of you. And Charlie. And anyone who follows.”“So, my private life with my husband is out the window?” Colleen asked.“No..

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