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"He had no intention of ever contacting Rose again.*Seven hours later Ken was still in bed, and Brad was cleaning thekitchen, picking up the living ro...m, and cleaning the bathroom asquietly as he could.He heard his phone and checked it finding that Rose had texted him back-"whatever, that won't make me forgive you."So Brad called her."What-?" I think you misunderstood- I am not mad at you for what you did to me,I am moving on. I would like to be me again, but if I am never then I amnever and. As for his name,he had earned that during his stud days. Normally male guinea pigs are peaceful animals, evenduring mating season; but Rambo had made short work ofanother male who had foolishly been left in a commoncage just before one of the females went into heat. Thehapless male’s throat had been ripped as if by awildcat. After that, proud Rambo always had his owncage, kept far away from other males during breedingseason.Sherri finished her Coke and addressed her prized. He asked her if she was ready to accept him she said please but go slow he smiled and said it's all about pleasing you and then he rubbed lube on his cock then started to rub his head on her clit slowly then he pushed his cock into her waiting pussy inch by inch until atleast 8" was in her pulling out and back in to get her pussy to take it. she was moaning and cumming asking him to fuck her then he started to pump harder and faster looking at his cock slide in and out with her cum allover it. My cock sprung into view, bouncing a few times before settling into a half-mast position, neither completely limp nor fully erect. "It's... it's bigger than I imagined," Donna remarked without taking her eyes off my dangling dick. "It's also... well... I think it's beautiful." Beautiful or not, her compliments were propelling me to full height. Donna's eyes widened as, apparently on its own volition, my cock went from pointing at the floor, to rising straight out from my groin, to finally.

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