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Taylor cried softly as Argus wielded the leather strap, striking her across both cheeks ten times. It hurt but Taylor’s body responded like it had n...ver done before. She could feel the juices trickle on to her smooth thighs. Argus was thrilled by the effects of his punishment on the young student. Her father had finally noticed also. He adjusted his hard cock in his pants while watching his daughter’s young pussy dribbling her juices.Argus smiling asked Joe. “Think she has had enough or should. He pulled his pants down, and inserted his cock through the hole. It was already semi-erect, and very thick and long. I eagerly started licking his shaft up and down, and encircling his head with my tongue. His cock responded quickly, and grew to a thick 8” as I took it into my mouth. I slurped it and flicked my tongue on the underside as I sucked his delicious cock. I held its base with my thumb and forefinger and moved my mouth up and down. Even through the wall, it was long enough to reach. ’For the first few minutes, he was content with slowly rocking his hips back and forth, feeding me around half of his dick and enjoying the sensations that my lips and mouth were bringing to him. He pulled out and told me to spit on his cock which I did and then he pushed back into my mouth. He had removed his hand from his own cock and now he was using two hands on my head to piston me up and down on his cock, controlling my movements and my speed. I could feel his hands running through my. Harry, Nora, welcome! We have you in the spare room upstairs. Bethany, do you want to take Nicholas to the coach house? I think Jesse is waiting up.”“Let me have him,” she said.I handed him to her and then walked her parents upstairs while she and Ed walked towards the back of the house so they could go to the coach house.“There’s a private bathroom,” I said, pointing to the door. “We’re usually up pretty early, though I suspect Jessica will sleep in tomorrow. Breakfast will be around.

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