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With a fascinated look on her face, she moved her hips sideways, giving Sally the space she needed to bury her tongue."Oh ... fuck! That feels sooo go...d!" Doris moaned, her hands dropping to Sally's head, holding her tight against her, grinding her pussy on Sally's face.James, momentarily forgotten by Sally and Doris, looked over at Angie. Angie was staring at Zoe, licking her lips, and James could see the desire in her eyes and in her thoughts."Slave, attend Angie." he ordered, reaching down. I kept it on for a few hours and the only thing I didn't like was that Ihad to be careful not to get "my" dress dirty. Mom kept warning me, "Becareful of 'your' dress."About all I could do without being warned was to sit and watch TV.It was getting near supper time. Mom asked if I wanted to go toMcBurgers for supper. Well, I knew I had to take my dress off sooner orlater so I said yes."Well, you can't go out dressed like that. Come; let's get you intosomething a bit less fancy."We went to. " What's going on?" someone asked sharply. The three former men turned and saw an imposing looking woman standing there with her hands on her hips. She wasn't pleased."Director Berry," Roger blurted out so his crewmates would know who she was. "We're sorry to be problem, but it's been a long day for us. The last thing we want to do is get all dolled up and be paraded in front of the press." I see," she replied, looking sternly at the three of them. "Now listen up, ladies. Your mission was a. Capturing DC was my job, my task, not theirs. I’d be damned before I let some virgins and their sympathizers seize my throne.“Get to the damn White House, now! Let’s find the President and get his surrender! North America is mine now ... the US and Canada alike! As for Mexico, time shall tell,” I smirked, thinking that an independent Mexico might be useful as a safety valve for my detractors ... for now.Let them imagine themselves safe at the moment. Time would catch up with them, as would I..

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