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Finally, you feel my breath on you, my wet mouth moves ever closer until suddenly my lips lock over you clit. You feel it being sucked into my mouth, ...olling it in my teeth while my tongue flicks over it in all the directions of the compass.As I suck on your hard little bud, I run my nails down the backs of your thighs. I wrap my arms around your legs to pull myself into you, sucking harder and harder on your clit, pulling at it with my teeth.I suck hard as I pull away from you your clit. The urge to suck him had come upon her without warning. So had her intent to get him to fuck her later. But when he spurted in Judith, she sobered, and realized how out of control things had gotten, not only in her mind, but in real life as well.But Judith had felt the warm bath of a man's sperm inundating her pussy before this. For her, it was part of the experience. Janice had no frame of reference to compare her own experiences to.Judith resisted being pulled off that spurting penis.But she. Emma is now looking very desperate as she bounces around. Suddenly, she grabs her crotch with one hand, and my hand with the other, and pulls me along shouting I can't wait. Giggling, I of course followed, as did the guys. We all started walkking toward the restrooms. Our pace was very fast at first, but as the pressure grew, we slowed slightly. Finally the restrooms are within our sight. I glanced over and noticed the look on Emma's face showed she was a little relieved. Then just as quick, a. So i tried anyway. I walk in and immediately there are booths to my right, the clerk at the counter to my left and in front of him were books, toys ,mags and other miscelaneous goods along with about 10 more peepshow booths. I went up and asked for change and was immediately asked for ID. Out the door i go. Bummed and dejected i needed a plan B. I figured if i came with a pocket full of change, i wouldnt need to see the cashier/clerk and i could just walk in, swing a right into a booth and i.

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