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We went upstairs to the Residence, where Polly was waiting. As I introduced her, I explained that Hawk would join us when he was free."Mother, this lawyer, Tom. Tom, this is my adopted mother, Polly Dryden. My adopted father, Hamilton Dryden will be up sometime soon ... hopefully." I smiled because it was obvious the Tom got the point.Polly held out her hand, and said, "It is a pleasure to meet you Tom. Angela has been looking forward to your visit. I'm sure my husband will be up soon. If. " He sighed. "Do you like to kiss?"Devon nodded his head. He closed his eyes and felt Jenny's wet lips against his. Her tongue rolled into his mouth and around his. He had kissed a few girls at school before. Dry pecks. not even touching. He was disappointed by kissing. Not anymore. The more they kissed, the closer Jenny got to Devon. He sucked her lips and her tongue, whimpering at how good it felt. Jenny took his hand again. This time she slid it up her shirt. He felt the soft skin of her. The shit I mixed up goes dormant after four hours, and it's been three and a half."Steve, I'm cheergirl85," she says. I know I have a dumb look on my face, I can't help it."No fucking way." Great, my first words in person to the girl I've worshiped for like the last two months and I say that."It's true Steve, I know your fatman84. I figured it out, it wasn't hard when you would talk about the things Josh did to you and what not. I wanted to tell you earlier, but I just couldn't. I know I should. "Oooohh, gooood, yeeeeessss!" she screamed.In a matter of moments she had gone from feeling helpless, and violated to feeling powerful, and in control.She threw herself back against the bed, clenching her fists, and shutting her eyes tight, as the pleasure overwhelmed her.Ryan, who was now holding her legs open by grasping a thigh firmly in each hand, immediately stuck his face between her legs, sucking up, and swallowing the hot juice, as it squirted from her pussy.She drew in a sharp breath,.

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